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Sharks swim the streets  

With the climate change clearly making it's name for legitimacy we have all kinds of new storms and natural disasters unfolding before our eyes. While hurricane Irma hits Miami we pray for the well being of all those affected and those of us that are able are on the front lines being the help we want to see. During these times we have to be extra careful since the ecosystem is taking a sudden and temporary change. If you watch the video below you'll see that the flooding has caused the ocean to become integrated with communities as sharks make their way up and down the streets. #love 

Happy Birthday to the King of Pop 

On this twenty ninth day of August 2017 we would like to wish one the greatest artists, performers and entertainers of all time a very Happy Birthday. The King of Pop would've turned 59 years old today and, if still alive, would've been still touring and giving the world the best in music and entertainment. With albums like Off The Wall, which had hits such as Billie Jean and self titled Off The Wall, Michael began to forge a solo career that would be rivaled by none. Following up with Thriller and Bad, MJ solidified his standing as the greatest. While he lived a life that could have us writing for years, we will end by saying we truly appreciate what Michael Joseph Jackson gave to the world and continue to give even in eternal rest. Here are a couple of our favorites to get your day started in honor of the king. Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Video) 


Smooth Criminal

High Speed Chase Ends Tragically.  

In Los Angeles news a man led police on a high speed chase that ended in the port of Long Beach. The man found himself trapped in the port, at which point he decided to climb a shipping container crane. The man carelessly strolled around on the upper level of the crane until he eventually fell to his death. But before we could see that the chopper had to head to Watts to the Nickerson Gardens Projects for more pressing coverage. 

KTLA's Nidia Becerra and Matt Phillips contributed to this story.




Fastball with Pedro Positivity in Relationships 

In this day and age all we tend to see around us is negativity with little. The world is so angry, depressed, worried, selfish, etc. What we don't generally look at is the fact that taking all of this negativity in directly effects our thought patterns and behaviors. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, which means, if we are only taking in negativity then we will tend to view things from a glass half empty vantage point. On the contrary, if we take in positivity we will tend to view things from a glass half full perspective and thus have more positive thoughts and behaviors. In the video below Pedro briefly address the need for positive intake and behaviors. Thank you for joining in and be sure to join the discussion and share with friends. #love 

Fastball with Pedro  

In this segment of fastball Pedro briefly addresses our apparent need to judge others. Now we all, at some point, tend to fall victim to judging someone. We have to work as a collective to combat this nasty habit of we are to move forward in love and compassion. #love 

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