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Fast Lane ft Ray Twi$e Available Now! 

The latest release by Pedro Dadon featuring Ray Twi$e, entitled Fast Lane is a high energy, uptempo song. The song focuses on the muscle and super car topic, as it celebrates enjoying fast cars weaving through traffic. This is a song car enthusiasts and everyday drivers can relate to alike. The single is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and everywhere digital music is sold. 




Jus Pedro on Speaker  

Today we executed a test run at our podcast, which will be serving the independent artists that could use an extra platform to reach the public with their message. This episode features Cold, which can be streamed live and downloaded everywhere digital music is sold and/or streamed, Pronto (featuring Kaso, Pedro Dadon and Dee Jay. And, finally, we have FastLane by Pedro featuring Ray Twise. All of these songs are available to stream/download on our music page. 

Cold to be released on iTunes and more on Thanksgiving  

Uh huh . Due to popular demand the hit single "Cold" by Pedro Dadon will be released to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all otber digital music distributors on Thanksgiving day. Be sure to share this news with all of your family and friends and lets lock iTunes up. Also, remind them to visit for more music, videos, merchandise and more... 

Who Is Pedro  

Uh huh! Watts Watts loved ones? It's ya boy Pedro. Since I have been going by Pedro, those that know me have always asked "how did you come up with 'Pedro'"? Well, today I'll take a moment to share with you all how I began calling myself "Pedro". Now, for the new fans and supporters this will all be insight with combination of revelation regarding our production arm of Uncut Village Records. It all started when I was a teenager growing up in Watts and being from the Hacienda Village Boys (also identified as Hacienda Village Bloods). When I was around 15 or so I had, after many monikers, been given the name "D. Rock" by elder members of the organization I mentioned above. Now the "D" is the first initial of my birth given name, which as some know is Darren. It's the "Rock" that is where the mystery of Pedro is found. Pedro is obviously a Spanish name in nature, which, as it turns out translates into Peter as we know it in the english language. Now in the Greek language Peter translates into"rock" or "stone". [The name Peter (Gk., Petros) means“rock” or “rock-man. (] [The name Pedro is derived via the Latin word "petra", from the Greek word "η πετρα" meaning "stone, rock". The name Peter itself is a translation of the Aramaic Kephas or Cephas meaning "stone". (Wikipedia)] Don is a reverent term in the Spanish culture. The Don is worthy of the utmost respect, such as a King. ["Don" is an old title given to men of high social status through respect. Although it´s a very old title, it is still occasionally used. The noun "don" is "gift" as in, "he has a gift for languages" ]

In A World Alone  

I've spent a large portion of my life studying things spiritual and worldly alike. I prayed for knowledge, wisdom and understanding and received it. The more I learned the less understood I became. I continue to learn and feel super lonely as a result. I have trouble pretending so I say what it is. No one wants to hear what it is unless it adds to their comfort though. My God is 100% real and always holds me up, but I could' t figure out for the life of me why He placed all this in me only to be rebelled against. I love people and those that truly know me know that I love people the point of sacrifice, but I see now that people don't love themselves. I once lacked this love for myself as well when I allowed the TV and surrounding world views to dictate who I was. 

Freedom Ain't Free (Lyrics)  

You see freedom ain't free/you might have to lose your life. 
Because here in the land of the free/they make sure everything have a price. 
And even if you don't want to stand and fight with me/they're still going to take you life. 
You want to kiss the ass of your enemy/coon niggas want to play nice. 
But for the life of your kids though/are you down to make a sacrifice. 
And if not then I know you ain't fucking with the cause/we need to send you to the after life. 
And my intent ain't to be a cold heart asshole/but man you got to think twice. 
These days they'll sell you out quick/have a back side with a knife. 
Then it's back to the turn up for em/snorting coke, drinking, popping pills. 
And all the business left undone/but want to move to a house in the hills. 
See if you focus on your dreams/be on the front of Forbes 5 for real. 
But that shouldn't be your goal/cause they're the same ones that had your ancestors killed. (oops wait) 
All the blue blooded demons in this nation/got our kings accepting nigga rich. 
Got our queens against our kings/as if division was the sum of it. 
So we're going to hit em with the flame so hard/it's going to make the whole summer quit. 
We're going to pull up with them thangs no marks/and we're going to let them lil drummers hit. 
Extended drama with extendo/we never stop we ain't going to ever quit. 
To all our families serving armed forces/you better ride with your people quick. 
Cause when the shit hit the fan/you're going to hate the smell of it. 
We need to get up out of their plan for our life/And turn this country up hella lit. 
-Pedro Dadon-

It's your dream 

In this installment of Fast Ball Pedro discuss the support from loved one's factor. It's difficult to gain the support of those who know you best until you have actually made it to the level of success that they feel they can benefit from. Don't be discouraged, but instead be motivated to make it without them. That way you can give God the glory and understand your own potential better. Watch Pedro break this phenomenon down in this video: 

Limited time offer FREE! 

Attention fans, friends and fam for a limited time ALL songs on are FREE! These downloads are totally free for a limited time only so go to our music page and download all the music we have to offer. Additionally, we would like to encourage you to share this post and music with all the friends and family you think would be interested and even on your social media pages, etc. We will be uploading more free music this week so be sure to go download and share. You will be asked for you email address and we want you to know that we will NEVER share or sell your email address. The email address is for the sole purpose of verification and to send you future updates as to what's happening at We want to thank you in advance for your visits to the site and your business. 

-Pedro Dadon