Freedom Ain't Free (Lyrics) 

You see freedom ain't free/you might have to lose your life. 
Because here in the land of the free/they make sure everything have a price. 
And even if you don't want to stand and fight with me/they're still going to take you life. 
You want to kiss the ass of your enemy/coon niggas want to play nice. 
But for the life of your kids though/are you down to make a sacrifice. 
And if not then I know you ain't fucking with the cause/we need to send you to the after life. 
And my intent ain't to be a cold heart asshole/but man you got to think twice. 
These days they'll sell you out quick/have a back side with a knife. 
Then it's back to the turn up for em/snorting coke, drinking, popping pills. 
And all the business left undone/but want to move to a house in the hills. 
See if you focus on your dreams/be on the front of Forbes 5 for real. 
But that shouldn't be your goal/cause they're the same ones that had your ancestors killed. (oops wait) 
All the blue blooded demons in this nation/got our kings accepting nigga rich. 
Got our queens against our kings/as if division was the sum of it. 
So we're going to hit em with the flame so hard/it's going to make the whole summer quit. 
We're going to pull up with them thangs no marks/and we're going to let them lil drummers hit. 
Extended drama with extendo/we never stop we ain't going to ever quit. 
To all our families serving armed forces/you better ride with your people quick. 
Cause when the shit hit the fan/you're going to hate the smell of it. 
We need to get up out of their plan for our life/And turn this country up hella lit. 
-Pedro Dadon-

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    Keep pushing and we're going to soon run this business.

    Keep pushing and we're going to soon run this business.

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