High Speed Chase Ends Tragically.

In Los Angeles news a man led police on a high speed chase that ended in the port of Long Beach. The man found himself trapped in the port, at which point he decided to climb a shipping container crane…


Jimmy Fallon on Charlottesville

I won't spend a great deal of time introducing the video. Jimmy Fallon said a mouth full. #love #uvr #wbz #love



Fastball with Pedro Positivity in Relationships

In this day and age all we tend to see around us is negativity with little. The world is so angry, depressed, worried, selfish, etc. What we don't generally look at is the fact that taking all of this negativity…


Fastball with Pedro

In this segment of fastball Pedro briefly addresses our apparent need to judge others. Now we all, at some point, tend to fall victim to judging someone. We have to work as a collective to combat this nasty habit…


Enter Here

What's good fam? We would first like to thank you all for continuing with us on this movement of music and entertainment aimed at giving a voice to those unheard. We want to encourage you, as you continue your support…



It is our pleasure to announce that KINGROCK105 beats  

will be available to the public for sale via is the producer responsible for the sound of Da Wattz Boyz, Pedro Dadon and more.   

New beats will…


Fast Lane ft Ray Twi$e Available Now!

The latest release by Pedro Dadon featuring Ray Twi$e, entitled Fast Lane is a high energy, uptempo song. The song focuses on the muscle and super car topic, as it celebrates enjoying fast cars weaving through traffic. This is a…

Seasons Greetings!

We know how tough things can be during the holidays so we at UNCUT VILLAGE RECORDS would like to give you something to lift your spirits. #love 
View Gift here

Jus Pedro on Speaker 

Today we executed a test run at our podcast, which will be serving the independent artists that could use an extra platform to reach the public with their message. This episode features Cold, which can be streamed live and downloaded…

Cold to be released on iTunes and more on Thanksgiving

Uh huh . Due to popular demand the hit single "Cold" by Pedro Dadon will be released to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all otber digital music distributors on Thanksgiving day. Be sure to share this news with all of your…

Who Is Pedro

Uh huh! Watts Watts loved ones? It's ya boy Pedro. Since I have been going by Pedro, those that know me have always asked "how did you come up with 'Pedro'"? Well, today I'll take a moment to share with…

In A World Alone

I've spent a large portion of my life studying things spiritual and worldly alike. I prayed for knowledge, wisdom and understanding and received it. The more I learned the less understood I became. I continue to learn and feel super…