Attention producers, promoters, bloggers and internet magazine folks: Stop dissing your potential client base by saying shit like "You artists are never going to make it because you don't take your craft seriously" and other things that people spew out of emotion. This tend to have several different effects: 1) It kind of gives a signal that you may be struggling in your own efforts (since you're ranting emotionally, which is generally caused by mental discomfort); 2) It turn potential clients away from you and sometimes even against you. Now if you enjoy creating enemies then more power to you, but if you're conducting business your negative comments and anecdotes can drive people away, and your business will not survive without people patronizing it. True, some people don't take their craft seriously. But you bashing them as opposed to trying to lift them up and help them to become better or even find a different path is counterproductive and not conducive to either of your growth. 


We have gotten so comfortable putting people down for their inability to afford things, like your services for instance, that we forget that it takes love to motivate someone. Because someone rap or sing or whatever doesn't mean that they have cash coming out of their asses to fork over to you. Most artists have, in addition to normal life responsibilities, a family and home to take care of before they have the luxury of spending their bill money on your services/products. So what we often have is a situation in which someone may be interested in patronizing your business but have to work you into their life budget. How many artists do you know that start off wealthy? Not many. One of the greatest ways to turn people away from and against you is to antagonize them for their financial situation. These people may work their fingers to the bone to care for their families and also love creating music or whatever but fall short on the amount of your fees/prices. Does this mean they shouldn't do what they love? Absolutely not. You never know a person's situation and downing them for it doesn't create potential clients/customers. 


Additionally, maybe your services aren't what you think they are. When we start a business we have a sense of pride about it and often times we try to subconsciously force others to feel the same about our endeavors. This isn't to say that you have a poor business model (unless of course disrespecting consumers is your model), but only that you must understand that you'll rarely find a lot of people that are as excited about your ventures as you are. Maybe you should consider doing a survey to learn more about your target market as opposed to ranting on social media. Maybe have private communications with artists in your target market to see how you may be able to find an amicable solution for all parties involved. There are a ton of positive ways to engage your audience that will create a better end result than negativity. 


At the end of the day you can run your business any way you see fit, but if you are trying to grow and maximize your potential positive communications will win over negative. As an artist/content creator, husband and father I can assure that I will not patronize a business that is constantly throwing shots about artists being broke. Do I feel that they are addressing me? No, since I have paramount responsibilities that take precedence over funneling money into their families. If a person is taking care of their home life and responsibilities and that render them cashless for a time that person is not broke. They have secured what counts most. Personally, I have spent tons of cash on my passion (built my studio, copyright fees, websites, etc.) but not before taking care of home first, which is why I still have a home to enjoy comforts in. This writing is not intended to be return fire at any group, but to open some eyes to a mindset that is likely costing you business. Thank you for reading, share it with friend or anyone that may benefit from the information.

Written by Darren Todd for juspedro.com

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