Happy Birthday to the King of Pop

On this twenty ninth day of August 2017 we would like to wish one the greatest artists, performers and entertainers of all time a very Happy Birthday. The King of Pop would've turned 59 years old today and, if still alive, would've been still touring and giving the world the best in music and entertainment. With albums like Off The Wall, which had hits such as Billie Jean and self titled Off The Wall, Michael began to forge a solo career that would be rivaled by none. Following up with Thriller and Bad, MJ solidified his standing as the greatest. While he lived a life that could have us writing for years, we will end by saying we truly appreciate what Michael Joseph Jackson gave to the world and continue to give even in eternal rest. Here are a couple of our favorites to get your day started in honor of the king. Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Video) 


Smooth Criminal

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