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Riot Over XXX Tentacion's Death 

With all that appears to be going on with events surrounding the early demise of the 20 year old Florida rapper XXX Tentacion's fans took to the streets to mourn the artist's death yesterday and caused city streets to be shut down in the midst of a huge celebration. You can see more of the story at Fans riot on Los Angeles streets in celebration of XXX's life.

While it is still unclear as to whom the killer(s) are at the moment social media has taken matters into their own hands by launching their own investigations into the unfortunate events. At the front of the p[ack of suspects are a couple local Florida rappers that appeared to have beef with X and can be seen on Instagram photos with vehicles and other items that were said to be used by the suspects in the crime. Law enforcement officials have yet to name any suspects in the alleged robbery gone bad. We will have more on the story as it develops. RIP XXTentacion.

XXX Tentacion Dies 

It is always very sad to see someone die at the hands of anyone else. It is much harder to see a 20 year old be killed in the streets in an act of senseless violence. Yesterday XXX Tentacion had his life cut short for unknown reasons in his home state of Florida and today the the hip hop world is mourning the loss of a talented young man that spent lots of time being a motivating factor to kids around the world. You can see in many videos across social media in which X frequently delivered positive messages to the youth always encouraging them to love themselves, believe in themselves and go for their dreams. I will refrain from reporting the story with alleged details and simply add a link to TMZ, where you can get that portion of the news. Rest well young man. GO TO TMZ FOR MORE

Watts Rapper Gets 20 Years in Prison 


We have just learned that Watts rapper 03 Greedo was sentenced to 20 years in prison as a result of a run in with the law in 2016. In 2016, 03 Greedo was driving a car in Texas when he was pulled over by Sheriff deputies where they claimed to smell the aroma of marijuana. This led the officers to search 03s vehicle when they forced open his trunk and allegedly found four pounds of meth and two stolen hand guns. Read more here